Costumes, Influences & Patterns

Costume designer, Gabriel Zagotta, based a lot of the costume ideas from the 1960s styles of the time, with a lot of silver spandex, or form fitting catsuits.

Chrono Agents

  • Men ¬†wore a silver single jumpsuit, silver Nehru jacket, or silver two piece silver suit for the men.
  • Woman wore a 1960s A-line mini dress with silver boots; sometimes with or without matching hose.


  • Zarkon was notorious for wearing a sexy cat suit, or two piece that included a short skirt, and tall boots.

Below are some of the 1960s influences and patterns (to make your own costumes.)

Examples of 1960s fashions that influenced the series


1960s Patterns

There are many cosplayers who want to create the fashions used by Agent I and Agent J, including the villainous Zarkon. Below are some of the patterns we found that are pretty close to those used on the series.

Simplicity 3833Simplicity 3833 Misses’ & Miss Petite 1960’s Vintage Dresses

simplicity 16091609 Misses’ Jiffy 1960’s Vintage Dress

simplicty 1776¬†1776 Misses’ Dress Project Runway Collection







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