Chrono Cast


Chrono Cops

AGENT I:    An experienced Chrono Cop and reluctant mentor to Agent J. She considers herself a “maverick,” but she’s actually a by-the-book agent, with little time or patience for frivolity.

AGENT J:    A recent Chrono Cop recruit from Chicago, 1924 who excels at thinking outside the box. He becomes Agent I’s partner in the pilot episode. His and Agent I’s relationship builds over the series.

CMD-TRON 91893:    Commandatron 91893 is the robotic commanding officer of the Chrono Cops. She’s a robot first, and a woman second.

Reccurring Villains

TEMPUS DIRECTOR:    The mysterious leader of the United Stalinist Soviet Empire’s “Thirteenth Directorate” is the leading antagonist of the Chrono Cops. But who is he, and what is his mysterious relationship to Agent I?

NATASHA ZARKON:    Slinky and dangerous, this Russian thief is notorious for traveling through time to pilfer some of history’s greatest artifacts. Although currently in league with the Commies, Zarkon’s loyalty is, first and foremost, to herself.


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