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Wonderful news!  A version of the hit TV show, Chrono Cops, will be on stage, July 2 – August 20, 2015 at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre, Dallas, TX.  Get your tickets now!

A warm welcome to the Chrono Cops Tribute Page. Established in 1999 by long-time fans, Chris Irby & Sean Freeman, the Chrono Cops Tribute Page has focused on bringing the wonderful worlds of the Chrono Cops television series to a wider audience. Working with fans, cast and crew around the world, this site has published dozens of newsletters, coordinate special events, and spoken at convention to promote the television show.

We hope you will enjoy browsing around the site and that you will find the research, personal memories, and  material of interest. We welcome your input  to help us to continue to bring the world of Chrono Cops, and the work of Irving Spotnitz, to new generations.

Go Team Chrono Cops!

Chris Irby & Sean Freeman

Chrono Cops Emblem


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2 thoughts on “Chrono Cops Tribute Page”

  1. I saw the show and it was excellent. I hope to take my friends to see it next week. Can you buy the time watches at the toy store?

    1. Hi Sanders –

      Glad you liked the show! The time watches (or “chronohoppers”) are actually modified version of the Ben Ten Legacy Omnitrix. Not sure if they’re still available in toy stores or not, but you can usually find them on eBay or at


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